Modern Love Counseling in Denver

Modern Love Counseling in Denver : A Modern Approach to Counseling

Why Modern Love Counseling in Denver?What makes Modern Love Counseling in Denver unique?  In a generation where ease, dating, and marriage have all been redefined, the resources for building intimacy and strengthening trusting relationships are limited. I believe my approach to counseling is specific and creative, because I am aware of (and able to challenge) contemporary issues in our relationships, as well as the heavy expectations that negatively impact our self-perceptions and perceptions of others. I want to help clients get un-stuck from “the norm” that ultimately denies them of meaningful and deep connections with others.  It is important for me to help recreate the standards for our modern-day relationships and help clients design a higher quality of life. As a Modern Therapist, I consider myself LGBTQIA friendly and culturally sensitive. I also have a collaborative approach at helping you explore your authentic self, while providing tools to help you connect with others vulnerably in your life.

Having a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy is quite rare in Colorado. We specialize in relationships, while focusing on individual processing and support. I also have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

It is important to understand the educational background your therapist has, in addition to their beliefs in human-nature. Not every therapist is the same, nor is their approach or philosophies. Therapist’s educations may differ and their personal experiences as human beings vary significantly. It is so important to “shop” around for therapists until you feel completely connected and comfortable with and if it’s not with me, I am more than dedicated to helping you find someone you do. (And once you do… the relationship you develop with your therapist is the most unique relationship you will ever have in your life!)

Our sessions may include tears and pain, but they may also include laughter and inspiration. I am committed to growing with you and I expose my authentic self in session, as I collaboratively support you through your process.

I offer a free 15 minute consultation to allow you to ask questions and get a sense of how I work. If you do not feel that connection with me, I am more than happy to help you find another therapist who you may feel it with.

 It has become my greatest passion to create the necessary safety that allows my clients to explore and accept their real selves, while creating the ultimate level of intimacy in their relationship(s)..

Experience counseling with a modern, open-minded and collaborative approach. I offer Couples Counseling and Individual Counseling for Adults struggling in their relationship(s).

For Couples: Build a deeper connection, strengthen intimacy and build authenticity in your relationship. Build the safety and trust that is crucial for exposing your vulnerabilities.

For Individuals: Establish a deeper meaning in yourself and feel confident in who you are. Build comfort in being vulnerable with others and strengthen (or create) intimacy in your relationships.

Modern Love Counseling in Denver, Co. Contemporary counseling services for Denver’s modern couple or adult.

Modern Love Counseling in Denver is located at 2433 W. 44th Ave Denver, CO 80211. Modern Love Counseling offers counseling in Denver for adult individuals and couples in the Denver Metro Area.