Impacts of Childhood on Relationships

5 Ways Your Childhood Impacts Your Relationship(s)

5 Ways Your Childhood Impacts Your Relationship Maybe you know the ways your childhood impacts your relationship(s). Maybe you’ve never thought about it. As an Attachment Based Therapist, I see the impacts of bonds and relationships. From my perspective, strong bonds are what keep us grounded, feeling confident and secure in ourselves and our world around us. I believe, we all need and desire to feel safe and secure; this is what motivates a lot of .
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Why Does She Keep Bringing Up the Past?

Why Does She Keep Bringing Up the Past? 5 Reasons She Holds “Grudges” “Help! Why does she keep bringing up the past? Nothing I can do is ever good enough.” Sound familiar? One reoccurring theme I hear from many of my heterosexual couples is the issue with repairing past conflict. I don’t mean to generalize here and sound sexist, but there are definite similarities from what I hear many men experience and say vs their .
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Are You “Too Needy?”

Are you “Too Needy?” What does this title even mean and is it accurate? “You’re too needy.”  “You expect too much.” “Your expectations are too high.” “Why are you acting like that?” “You’re overreacting!” If you have ever dated, most likely you have been told at one point directly (or have been given an indirect message) that you are being “too needy.” Although our society predominately attaches this label more toward women than men, I .
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Top 5 Reasons Couples REALLY Come to Counseling

Top 5 Reasons Couples REALLY Come to Counseling Why do couples really come to counseling? You may actually be surprised! From my experience as a relationship therapist, here are the top 5 reasons couples really come to counseling and seek out my services. Get ready to check your assumptions! I have heard it all and generally speaking, these are the top 5 reasons why the majority of my couples say they are seeking out counseling. .
The Modern Love Box

Additional Resources for Couples : The Modern Love Box

Introducing The Modern Love Box : A Resource for You and Your Partner Sustaining the spark in a long term relationship can be difficult at times. The romance may fizzle, the daily grind may take over, date nights may feel stale. It’s OK. This is totally normal. Someone once said, “love is a journey, not a destination,” and with that comes the boredom, the balance, the excitement and the struggle. It’s about time we .

Things You Don’t Realize You Do When You’re Feeling Rejected

Feeling Rejected or Criticized : How to Become More Self Aware and Empowered, Rather than Reactive and Isolated It’s inevitable, isn’t it? Feeling rejected or criticized. You may currently be feeling rejected by a romantic partner, although I am sure you can also relate to feeling rejected or criticized by a friend, mentor, teacher, employer, family member, parent, etc. We are complex creatures and our emotions, behaviors and thoughts/assumptions are extremely personal to us. Our reality .

The Ex: Should You Stay Friends With Them?

Self Reflection : Is it healthy to stay friends with your ex? Do you ever ask, “should you stay friends with your ex?” It’s a tricky question for many of us, especially if we haven’t truly identified our own intentions or feelings. Most modern relationships start with two people having a relationship history. Whether it’s extensive, short or eclectic, our relationship past is usually complicated and sometimes hard to understand. When starting a new .
Healthy Relationships

What is a Successful Relationship?

A Successful Relationship : How to have healthy habits to establish success in your relationship What is a successful relationship? What does a successful relationship even look like? We may have all wondered these questions at some point in our life. Often, my clients and I use words such as healthy or successful when describing goals within their treatment. Many of my clients initially start their process with describing their conflicts and frustrations. It’s not uncommon to hear, .
Asking about children

Stop Asking About Children! The Unintentional Hurtful Question

Family Planning: How Asking About Children May Actually Be Hurtful I work with an array of clients varying in relationship status; single, dating, in a relationship(s), married. My clients have been extremely successful in one way or another and many tend to have their own definition of what they’d like their future to look like (with or without children). I have recently been hearing from clients (and friends), about how the topic of children and .

The Ironic Envy : What Traveling Has Taught Me About Values

What Traveling Has Taught Me About (My) Values. I enjoy traveling. As I think many of us do. We can feel free to be our true authentic selves, not worrying about calorie intake or emails. It’s a feeling of release and ease. I recently traveled to the West Indies with my adorable husband. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect, but we knew we were up for an adventure. The moment we arrived, our .